Breath Meditation Science

Ways To Heal Naturally


Breathing Meditation Science

Is there any science behind breath and meditation and these two things are ways to help you heal naturally. These words “Breath” and “Meditation” have the same stigma attached to them as CBD when they are placed together. Fortunately, this is starting to change and social media has a lot to do with it. Many years ago we received our knowledge about illness from the TV, Gps, and doctors. They passed this word to our parents who then passed this onto us. In many ways, it was a form of programming and we knew no better.

Social media has a lot to answer for but in this regard, I am grateful for this invention. We now have access to other sources of information and we are able to question things for ourselves. I know the next paragraph may come across as somewhat of a conspiracy to some but for me, it is really a very factual sentence and statement.


“There is no money to be made in healthy people”


Them Days Are Gone

More and more of us are looking to alternative medicine to help us heal. CBD, Cannabis and other natural things like our foods are commonly being used to treat and replace the Pharamuctical approach. Don’t get me wrong Pharma does have its place and is very important however do you think they would push for something that would stop you from buying from them. It is not in their interests to do so and in fact, they will push against anything that means you are moving away from their view of healing. This seems to be taking a pill and if that pill has a side effect, it’s ok, we have a pill for that.

Other Means To Healing

I will get to CBD and Cannabis in later parts to this but for now, I will focus on your breath and meditation. Have you ever noticed your breath? Do you ever focus on how you do this? Most of us breathe shallow and through our chests. We should be breathing mostly through our stomachs and deeper. These habits bad habits are formed over time and they take time to change back around.  Many of us feel meditation is a waste of time and would not even try it. Those that do often give up because they feel they are doing it wrong and they don’t see the direct initial benefits.

The Bodies Reactions

You wouldn’t just get into a car and start to drive off straight away. You look for guidance and lessons on how to do this correctly. The same can be said here and the best place to start is with just as little as 10mins a day. Guided meditation is a great way to start as you will have someone talk you through this. You can find this HERE. Box breathing is a great way to start learning how to breathe and this can be found HERE.

The reactions to in the body both physically and mentally truly are amazing and the more you do these types of mindfulness routines the healthier you will get. CBD, just like your breath, is a part of your body’s makeup and is necessary for your life. Your body uses breathe and its own Cannabinoids (CBD) daily to survive, so why wouldn’t you use these means to enhance and improve your life. It can add years to your life and save you stress, anxiety, pain, and money.


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