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CBD And Meditation Guides. Hemp Oil

CBD could help improve your meditation greatly and enhance your mindfulness. When we think of meditation we often think of sitting up straight in a posture. The truth is that meditation is a very individual thing and t can be done in many ways. The basics are the same as are the desired outcomes.


Perhaps the biggest misconception with meditation is the fact that your mind must be blank and somehow you must be thinking of nothing. This leads to a lot of frustration for people who are trying this technique for their mindfulness and they tend to give up as they feel they are doing it wrong if they cant achieve this.

Types Of Focus

You are actually meditating when you catch yourself not meditating. If you are using your breath as a form of focus you would be breathing in and out through your diaphragm. You will be focussed on this task, paying particular attention to how you are doing this.

What will inevitably happen is you will forget what you are doing and your mind will wander onto other thoughts. Thoughts such as what you will do after you are finished or you will replay conversations in your head that you had with others. The act of Meditation occurs when you catch yourself thinking of these other items and not on the task at hand, which is your breathing. When you get back to the breathing and refocus on yourself, this is meditation.

Some people use other methods such as music with a certain beat, a chime or they may think of something like a certain colour to focus on. It does not matter what you decide to focus on but you need to catch yourself when you are not focused.

Hemp Oil In Ireland
CBD And Meditation Guides. Hemp Oil

What Does Meditation Do

There are many studies out there that have shown that meditation does wonders for the body and the mind. Your focus, impulse control, and self-awareness improves. You will find that you will be able to manage stressors better whereas before they were a constant source of worry and anxiety. Your immune system improves along with your sleep. It can even help reduce the flight or fight response which has a massive source of negativity on our bodies when it is overactive.


Just like meditation helps the body to do all the above, CBD can also. They have found that using CBD has increased their level of focus and they were able to meditate and stay focused for longer. I have stated previously when people are using CBD some common feedback from them is

  • The fact that they can’t place their finger on it but they feel more content.

There is loads of anecdotal evidence to suggest this is the case and there are many studies too. Here and here are just two of them and they show that Cannabis and CBD could have a positive impact on your mind and body. I know from personal experience that this is the case.

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A Good Place To Start

If you are unsure of how to meditate or you feel a bit odd about starting the process, don’t. I have found that anyone who does this for at least 10mins a day can significantly improve their life. I challenge you to try this 10min guided meditation for a week and then tell me you do not feel much more relaxed after just one session. If you kept it up for longer you would notice more positive impacts on your life.

In a world where we are all plugged in and constantly on the go, we need to switch off and bring it back a bit. Meditation and CBD can help you scale back the negative parts of your life and allow you to focus on the positive aspects.

Try this 10 min relaxation technique. It is the perfect way to start your mindfulness and self-care routine.

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What is Meditation?

It is a technique or practice that is done to allow the mind and body to get to and maintain its natural balance. People will carry out mindfulness practices or routines to achieve this. They can focus the mind on a particular thing such as your breath, an object, activity, or thought. You are training the mind to become aware and focus on one thing or task and to clear out or forget everything else.
If you stray away from this one task the idea is to catch yourself and return back to that task. The art of focusing on one thing and catching yourself when you are not is when the meditation occurs.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

Just one benefit is the ability to create a barrier to all the hectic things that are occurring in your life. You will stop the chemical Cortisol form building up ( Number one killer in the world ) and this will lead to a feeling of calmness. When you allow the mind to relax and you will be able to look at things that bother you from a distance with more clarity and insight. Other takes in your life will become easier as your focus and attention span increase.

Is Meditation Not Just The Same As Relaxing? 

No, as when you are relaxing your mind is not switched off. Your heart rate may lower but you are still thinking about other things. Right now while you are reading this you are thinking about other things like the stuff you want to do later. Reading a book is relaxing however you are still visualizing the story and emotions are still drawn up. It is like your body is relaxed but your soul and subconscious are still working. Meditation truly is full relaxation.

When Is The Best Time To Meditate?

Many people will say that morning is the best time due to the fact you are less stressed and there is less going on for you. This would be the case for many people. Others would say do it at night as you are more likely to have a better night’s sleep. I would suggest that the more advanced you get at it there is really no set time needed. You do what suits you and what works for is the times when I am actually stressed or tired. Just do what suits you and enjoy the benefits.

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