Dealing With Stress

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Dealing With Stress

A Slave To Stress

Learn ways of dealing with stress so you are not a slave to it. I know that more than likely you are. There are very few of us out there that understand and can recognise them when they are stressed out. Even fewer still understand how this has effects our health so much and how to fix this state. When we break a leg we go to the doctor and then we get an x-ray to show where the break it and how to treat the leg. We then get a cast and we stay off the leg and possibly stay at home and take time off work.

Crazy Thoughts

If you went to the doctor and he said you were stressed out too much and you need to relax more, you would think less of this. You wouldn’t get examined by anyone else. You certainly wouldn’t take the time off work or relax and do some mindfulness routines. If it was suggested you try something like CBD for stress, many may think it is a snake oil despite all the evidence that shows how CBD interacts with your body.

Others around you would think it was a bit funny if you took the time off work and started to look after your mental health and stress levels. I know from first hand that this is the case. One of the reasons why this is the case is due to the fact that you cant see the stress and the damage. With a broken leg, the evidence is staring you in the face for you and all to see. With Stress, the evidence is there but it is often in the mind and how our interactions and moods are.

When the symptoms develop into something serious it is often something very serious like cancer or a heart attack. Then you start to care and then others around you start to care. Why wait to get to this stage. Start looking after yourself now. Watch this video to help explain it a bit more.

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