Golfer Karl Mc Cormack

Golfer Karl Mc Cormack And Prime Spectrum CBD

Prime Spectrum CBD Ireland is proud to sponsor and support Irish professional golfer Karl Mc Cormack. This up and coming Irish sportsman is on the fast track to success and Prime Spectrum CBD will be with him all the way.

Golf And Other Sports

Golf in the USA has embraced CBD Oil / Hemp Oil for a long time. There are many sports in the USA that allow the use of CBD products as long as they are to the standards laid down. MMA fighters and American football players have openly used the products for relaxation, recovery, stress management, anxiety management, and sleep help. CBD Oil is being embraced by professionals all around the world in various fields. It seems the people who are surprised about this are the ones that still feel CBD can get you high. Karl is an Irish professional golfer who is looking to build on his recent successes. He has looked to CBD to help improve his personal and professional life.

CBD Oil Is Moving Into The Light

It still remains a hot topic for some as the subject and the product is relatively new to the scene. CBD and Hemp Oils’ image is not helped by the fact big Pharma portrays it as snake oil. Many journalists confuse Cannabis and Hemp and some still think you can get high from taking Hemp Oil. There are a lot of obstacles for the CBD industry to overcome in terms of its image. Word of mouth and stories like the professional golfer Billy Horschel is slowly showing Hemp Oil in a positive light and Irish golfers like Karl Mc Cormack are using CBD to improve their golf game.

Irish Golfer Karl Mc Cormack


Karl was set to turn professional this year (2020) before the Covid-19 crisis when all competitions were suspended. Karl who plays out of Portarlington Golf Club is in flying form and itching to get back. He too swears by the CBD Balm and the products we provide him which helps with all the above issues talked about. Karl loves how the Oils and Capsules keep him relaxed and focused both on and off the course. It has improved all areas of his game. When you are a professional you recognise that tieing in everything from nutrition to mental toughness matters. Continually improving your game is key and we are happy at Prime Spectrum CBD to support Karl and be apart of his professional career as he makes his ways up through the ranks and to the top. Here is some of what Karl says about CBD and Prime Spectrum.

Karl Mc Cormack And CBD

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Karl Mc Cormack. Golf And CBD

Professional Golf And CBD

Since partnering up with Prime Spectrum I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on the benefits of all things CBD. They have given me the guidance that has set me up to perform at my best daily. In the past, I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression. I have been working hard on my mental health and having a constant flow of CBD makes the process much easier. I can’t stress it enough for anyone struggling mentally how using CBD in conjunction with other mindfulness practices really could help you. Strengthening the foundations of my mental health has tied in with my golfing game greatly.

CBD Golf Products

These CBD products have allowed me to maintain a cool calm mindset throughout practice and competition. It has also has brought a new intensity to my practice and training. The feeling of being out of my own way is something I’m very happy to have at this moment in time. My muscle recovery has also been dramatically improved. Using the variety of CBD products from Prime Spectrum any aches and pains I pick up from days on the range or course are really helped. I particularly love the CBD Balm and in conjunction with the CBD Oils I wake up feeling fresh and ready for another day of grinding.

CBD And My Golf Game

Prime Spectrum and I sat down and discussed what I wanted in great detail. I explained that my sleep quality and patterns were an issue. We set out to sort out mt sleep using a combination of capsules for sleep at night and the oils during the day. Sleeping well again has been a game-changer and I didn’t realise how bad it was until I started to sleep well again. I know I will continue to use CBD to help me keep on top of the personal and professional challenges that are ahead of me.

Billy Horschel And CBD Oil

Billy Horschel went six months without a top-eight finish in 2019. He was struggling and then he came across CBD Oil. Billy didn’t qualify for the British Open in July 2019 he looked at his preparation and how he could improve his game. His improvements were a combination of factors however he states that CBD played a massive role in his marked performances.

There’s still not enough correct information out there, but that weed-smoking image that is out there just because people haven’t had the correct information is being torn down.
It allows you to recover better and get over aches in a more natural way. There is only one treatment for aches and pains that’s better, Horschel said, and that’s the one that has been forced on all the players during the past two months: rest.


Following the re-evaluation of his game and the implementation of CBD Oil into his preparations, he left behind the recent failings. He then proceeded to four top-eight finishes in the following events. Before the season was suspended in March Horschel was playing some of the most consistent golf he had ever played.


Other Golfers on the professional Golf scene who are using CBD are Bubba Watson and Scott McCarron. Some players and professionals are worried about failing drug tests and rightly so. THC is a banned substance and tour officials last year warned players about this element and advised caution. Professionals like Karl will not have this worry with Prime Spectrum CBD Products as we are 100% THC FREE. Karl can focus on his preparations for when the season kicks off again. He is safe in the knowledge that our partnership will only have a positive impact on his game.

Read the FULL STORY about Golf And CBD HERE.

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What can CBD Oil do for my golf game?

CBD works naturally with your own bodies Endocannabinoid system. This is linked to many benefits to the body and enhancing this system is believed to improve your mental health. This reduces stress, enhances your focus, and can help with improving your sleep. It is also found to be a great anti-inflammatory which can help with injuries.

Is CBD Oil / Hemp Oil illegal in Golf?

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its Prohibited List, allowing its use by PGA Tour players and Olympic athletes however the THC levels are still a concern so getting THC Free products is important for your career.

Can CBD Oil / Hemp Oil help with my Golfers elbow?

A quality CBD OIL / Hemp Oil, like Prime Spectrum CBD could help reduce the inflammation in the tendons and muscles that are associated with this condition.

What are the best CBD Oil / Hemp Oil products for golfers?

Making sure your CBD Oil products are THC free is extremely important whether you are a professional or not. You do not want your mental focus lowered by the THC that could be in some poor brands.

Golf And CBD-Hemp Oil
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Golf And CBD-Hemp Oil
Learn why Golfers around the world are using CBD to help improve their game. Professional golfer Karl Mc Cormack uses CBD to improve his performance.
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