Medical Cannabis Ireland

Medical Cannabis Ireland


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Vera Twomey and her husband are again having to worry about the life of their daughter. Her daughter’s access to the vital Medical Cannabis is under threat with this Covid-19 virus. She has pleaded to the government to ensure that her daughter’s overseas supply of Medical Cannabis is secure. I wonder if her words will fall on deaf ears? Simon, head in the clouds, Harris doesn’t listen. It is a very scary fact that this man is at the helm of this crisis. A look at the job he was doing with our health system before all of this would show you a display of incompetence.

Her Fight

Vera and her husband were at the heart of a campaign that paved the way for Ireland’s current Cannabis laws.  I am a firm believer that without her efforts we would not have the current 5-year pilot program we have now.  The family was forced a while back to have to travel to the Netherlands to get the life-saving medication and stay there until she was granted the import license. Now they are allowed to go there, pick it up and come back with it.

Travel Ban

I do hope I am very wrong however I can see this country being shut down very soon as the numbers rise. This could mean they could get there and find they can not get back or worse still, not be able to go at all. Can you imagine a situation where your daughter could die if she did not get her medication? This is not an over-exaggeration either as her multiple seizures a day will return if Veras’s daughter does not receive this treatment.  What is no exaggeration either is the fact that Ireland is perfectly capable of making this medication for her. There are people with the will, means, and knowledge to do this now. Ireland is just too far behind the times and too concerned with keeping big Pharmaceuticals happy to do the right thing. Read More HERE.

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