Our CBD Partners



Our CBD Partners

I am interested in PEOPLE that have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in their respective areas.  These people may or may not have a connection with CBD, however, we would compliment each other’s industry.  Anyone here I will stand over and support as I would have spoken to, met these people and or used their products and services.

For me, it is about a healthier lifestyle and changing the views of the people of Ireland. To make them see the viable and legitimate alternatives to the Pharmaceutical approach. I want to be partnered or associated with anyone who feels that Pharmaceuticals are necessary on occasions but they realise that Ireland is over-reliant on them. These people should offer alternatives and be professionals in their areas.

These people will educate and offer these alternatives with the main purpose being healing and or education. Let’s work together to show the people of Ireland an alternative means to the Pharmaceutical, take this synthetic pill, way of thinking. Knowledge truly is power and if you feel your business or service can tie  in with the CBD and Cannabis Industry I want to hear from you so we can help heal a nation naturally.

Promote empathy and kindness and lets heal our bodies and minds naturally.

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