Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business

Starting and creating your own business has never been easier or as risk-free. You can even create your own business and get paid for doing so at the same time. I have placed everything in the one area for you so you can get on track to helping people and creating your own income at the same time.

The CBD industry is growing worldwide and it will continue to grow. If you have a sound business plan and you are networked into the right areas there is no reason why you can’t get involved now. Never before has an industry grown on the back of small S.M.Es with larger companies to afraid to get involved. Now that there is massive interest in CBD and Cannabis in all its forms large companies have to work with us and or buy us out.

Ireland And Abroad

Ireland and the EU have noticed that the American market in this space is worth an estimated 20 odd Billion by 2023. There is a constant flow of CBD coming into the EU and a constant flow of money going out to the USA. I have not even mentioned the Canadian and Chinese market or our neighbors England who are the biggest exporters of Cannabis in the EU.

The EU has tried to and continues to try to take over the CBD space and there is no doubt that they will succeed in many areas with the introduction of various laws and legislations. However there will always be a space for a business like mine and maybe yours to thrive if you keep an eye on what is going on, follow the laws and have a sound business plan.




The best thing about what I am offering you is there really is no risk at all to you. You get out what you put into it and you get to do this risk-free. You get to test the waters and see if you have what it takes by using the Affiliate Program. This is where you refer my brand to others and if they purchase items you get 25% of the sales. This would give you an idea of how you could target your own market at no risk to you at all.

Are You Happy?

Let’s say you work hard and do well and you want to make more, you could then move onto buying your own stock at wholesale and selling these items to make a minimum of 38%. You would not have to worry about labels or ordering stock as I would have done all this for you but here you can physically hold onto your own stock and sell it how you please making more income.

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Let’s Do This

You are working hard yet you don’t like the restrictions and you have your own ideas. Well, I have you covered with all of this too so keep reading. You get your own stock where you gain 100% of the profit. You can avoid all the unnecessary stress that comes with starting up a business. I can help you keep up to date with the latest in all things CBD and Cannabis too. I can and will help you create and sell your own brand and below is just some of what I will do,

  • Registration and setting up of your Own Business
  • Find a good Accountant
  • Guide you through the Label Laws and Label registration
  • Show you how to prepare with yourself with the banks to get an account
  • Place you with our In House Branding Service
  • Help you with our In House Website Designer
  • Provide you with SEO and SEM hints and tips
  • Access to quality-assured legal brands from various sources
  • Much much more.

Affiliate Program

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Wholesale Program

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Private / White Program

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